Monday, January 9, 2012


Hello there.  How's it going?  Did you have a most magnificent weekend?  I sho did ;0)  Once again, I fell in love.  Matter of fact, I fell in love a few times.  Dang, I love that, falling in love.  I love love.  Okay, okay, enough about love, again, but you know I can't help it.

Got a scripture for you.

Matthew 7:3 says, "And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beem in thine own eye?"

This scripture means, to me, why are you judging, or trying to fix someone else when you could be judged for what you do, or when you got a whole lotta fixen to do in yourself?

Mote means a chip or splinter, and a beem is something big that they use in constructing a house or building.  Therefore, whatever you are judging in someone else is much smaller than what you could be judged for.

This, my friend is great advice.  Whenever I feel like I want to give someone advice (like in my blog for instance), I know there are at least two things going on for me.  First, I am looking at what I think needs to be fixed in someone else, meaning I am being critical.  Second, I need to give that advice to myself, which means, living up to my own standards.  Practice what I preach!  You know what I mean?

When I want to fix someone else, I am looking at their imperfection, rather than looking at their assets.  "Guess what?" I say to myself, "We are all imperfect Elizabeth." 

A very stressful habit is focusing on peoples' imperfections.  It is a habit of being critical, when we could just as easily be complimenting.  If we are critical, it shows the mood of our mind.  If the mood of our mind is critical of others, you can bet it is critical of ourselves.  When we are critical of ourselves, we tend to have a very low self-confidence which produces doubt.  Any kind of doubt, fear, or worry will create stress.

You know, and I know, we can be our own worst enemies by being critical of, or having doubt in ourselves.  All the decisions we make in this life are based on doubt or certainty.  If we make decisions based on doubt, we miss out on some seriously spectacular goods.  If we make decisions on certainty, we achieve, advance, gain, and obtain.

How did being critical become a habit?  Well, I'll tell you.  Most likely, when we were younger, and as we grew up, we could have done a thousand things right all day long with not a word said, and yet, when we did one thing wrong, we were criticized, and then corrected.  So, other peoples' habits became ours.

The best thing I can do, when I write a blog post, or help an individual is, take my own advice, and live up to my own standards. 

Do I take my own advice?  I sho do!  Eh-em, most of the time.

Do I live up to my own standards?  I sho do try, but like I say, to myself, "Nobody is perfect Elizabeth."

One of the things I love to do the mostest is, I love, love, love to encourage people.  Even though I am a Destress Yourself Specialist, I would love my title to be a Courage Specialist.  And because I love to encourage others, I spend a lot of time encouraging myself.  I am my own cheerleader. 

"You can do it Elizabeth!"  I say to myself. 

Encouraging and complimenting others is much better than criticizing or trying to fix them.  Taking my own advice, that I want to give to others, and encouraging myself is much better than criticizing.  Truly, just a simple choice, don't you think?

This week, and if I am brave enough, for the weeks to come, I will live up to my own standards by taking my own advice.  Whatever advice I am about to give, I will hush up and give it to myself, in my head of course.  I will focus on peoples' abundance and I will compliment and encourage them.  I will look at my abundance, and I will compliment and encourage myself more.

Sounds like a great way to destress myself, wouldn't you agree?

Hope you have a glorious week.  You can do it!  LOL!  You are glorious! 

How am I doing so far?

Have fun!  Be playful!  And, speak soon!