Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hello there.  How the heck are you this fine month of July?  I gotta admit, I am truly enjoying life right now.  Recently, I attended a bit of a seminar slash retreat and I spent a lot of time thinking about, and articulating on paper, my hopes and dreams for the future.  The gentleman who conducted this weekend get away was all about love and having a bigger, brighter vision for ourselves.

Although, I think about my dreams several times a day, I was able to really expand on the specifics of what I would like for my future. 

Everybody has different kinds of dreams.  For example, mine are not so much monetary, as much as they are serving the Lord and helping people benefit from my services.  I love, love, love helping people and that is the foundation of my hopes and dreams, to be able to help millions of people destress themselves with happiness that comes from within, and long-term satisfaction.

Do you have a dream? 

What do you think about for your future? 

It is my humble opinion that the first step in obtaining our life's successful achievements is to just think about a bright future.  There are few people that have not done that.  Most people have a dream, and a vision for what would be their perfect life. 

The second step is to write it down, and really get specific. 

The third step is to think about your dream life everyday.  The most important things that will happen, when we think about our dream life everyday, are we will increase the strength of our faith that it is truly possible to obtain, we will constantly be open to the possibilities, and when opportunities are there we are in tune to receive them.

Doesn't that sound good?  Increasing our faith, being open to possibilities, and receiving the opportunities that are placed before us?  HELL YES!!!  Oops, sorry for the harsh word, I just get so excited.

So, what is the alternative of following our dreams?  The alternative is living a more stress filled life. 

How is not following our dreams stressful you ask?  Excellent question! 

If we do not think of a brighter future, chances are we are worried about, and fear, our future.  If we do not have hope for our future, the opposite is hopelessness, even depression, and also living in the constant state of going nowhere, versus moving forward in life.

If you are like me, you are probably stress free during this wonderful vacation filled time of year and when we are stress free, we feel abundant (which happens to be an opposite of feeling stressed).  But even though we feel abundant, it is still very good to provide some stress (and depression) prevention by having hope for the future and being open to opportunities.

What I am trying to get across here is, if you are not already following your dream by thinking about it constantly (which you probably are because you rock!), then I encourage you to destress yourself by starting right now!  Start creating the habit of thinking about your dream life morning, noon, and night, and write it down.  If you do this, you will just watch yourself destress.

Something to think about, eh?!?

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Speak soon...