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Hello!  How ya doing?  I hope you are having an excellent year so far!  2013 is a great year, and it is only going to get better!  Just thought I would let you know about that, but I am guessing, you already knew that.

For twenty years I was in the emergency field, and I still kind of consider myself to be because of all the emergency personnel I help with stress.  Any who, when you are doing a patient assessment, a sign is what the assessor sees, and a symptom is what the patient describes they are experiencing.  When I am doing a stress analysis, a sign is what I see, and a symptom is what a client describes they are experiencing. 

The reason I mention that is because I want to talk about symptoms of stress.  Firstly, stress is the number one cause of every illness, whether it be emotional or physical illness.  If you are a reader of my blog, you have read that statement quite often.  Whenever someone is sick, I think in my head, "Oh, they got stress."  Whenever someone tells me they are sick, I ask, "Are you stressed?"  Most people answer no because they think stress is some sort of catastrophic event when actually stress is any kind of strain.  How do I know anyone is stressed?  I ask them, "What are you worried about?"  Then comes the words of stress.

Back to the symptoms...

The most common symptoms, which can also be signs, that I have seen in my over twenty years of responding to critical stress are...

Behavioral:  Decrease in Eating, Decrease in Healthy Hygiene, Decrease in Sleeping, Increase in Alcohol, Increase in Drugs/Medications, Increase in Eating, Increase in Sleeping, Increase in Smoking, and Severe Irrational Outbursts.

Emotional:  Apathy, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Irritability, Moodiness, Nervousness, Overwhelmed, and Sadness.  

Mental:  Cynicism, Difficulty Concentrating, Difficulty Sleeping (unable to shut off the mind), Doubt, Fear, Negativity, Poor Memory, Racing Mind, and Worry.

Physical:  Anxiety Attacks, Backaches, Dizziness, Fatigue, Gastrointestinal Problems, Headache, Heart Palpitations, High Blood Pressure, Increase in Heart Rate, Irregular Heart Beat, Nausea, Neck aches, Panic, and Upset Stomach.  

In my experience the most common and The BIG SEVEN...

Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Headaches, Inability to Sleep, and Any Kind of Stomach Issues (this can mean, but is not limited to aches, bowel problems, nausea, and/or vomiting).

It is my humble opinion, which is based on education, evidence, and experience, that anyone of these can be reversed if you are willing to do the stress reduction techniques and have enough faith in the laws of God, the brain, and physical health.  Disclaimer; God allowing, and I say that because some things are meant to be and are according to God's will.  Our hardships are our greatest teachers, and sometimes we need some learnin'.

The majority of clients have removed symptoms by removing the stress via changing their reactions, learning how to manage stress, learning how to deal with stress, and/or changing their environment, e.g., getting another job, ending a relationship, making more money, or moving.

Symptoms of stress can be resolved.  Some turn to medication, which is wonderful but sooner or later we must learn how to reduce stress or we become dependent on the medication.  I am all for medication for assistance but I am not for dependency on medication for stress.

There are three kinds of attitudinal beliefs, of peoples with stress, about their symptoms; the kind that think everything is outside of their control, the kind that think they have total control over their destiny, and the kind that is somewhere in between.  If we believe everything is outside of our control, then we tend to rely heavily on others, and medication, for dealing with stress.  If we believe everything is within our control, we tend to seek the truth in ourselves, healing in ourselves, and we rely on ourselves for some destress, which comes from within.  If we believe somewhere in the middle, it really depends on our level of self-worth, and believing we are worth, or not worth, a better life therefore, we tend to seek the truth, or not, in helping ourselves.

It is oh so important to destress yourself when you have symptoms of stress.  If you have symptoms of stress and you are interested in destressing you can learn



The truth is that most have never been taught how to deal with stress, and if we were taught this is part of what we would learn...

Our mind is the most very powerful thing that we own.  The brain can tell our body to automatically breath, beat our heart, think, react, and heal for us all at once.  Just think, when a woman gets pregnant, the brain allows the body to function for two, and if she gets cut, or hurt, the body will heal her.  Everything that the body does, the commands and functions are centralized in, and are from the brain.

There is major evidence that the brain can, and does, do magnificent things.  Thus, if we learn to manage our stress, or destress rather, our brain can heal the symptoms because the stress is causing the symptoms.



If you have symptoms of stress, try to learn to destress, and you will most likely see the symtpoms go away.  Trust me on this.  If you have tried everything to eliminate signs, symptoms, and/or illness, and nothing has worked try learning how to destress, it's worth a try, you are worth a try!


Have a great day!!!


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