Monday, September 9, 2019

Wanting More From Life?

Hey! Hey! 

Wanting more out of life is what I'd like to ramble about this day...

Do you ever feel like you want more from life? Like something is missing?

It is my humble opinion that people who want more out of life are asking for and seeking purpose, value, and worth. They are seeking their own purpose, value, and worth.

The thing is, everyone is asking, seeking, and wanting more with the exception of the ones who know their authority, power, value, and worth. The individuals who know have a conviction of eternal things and live life accordingly.

I've been studying behavior from a standpoint of confidence (success) versus insecurity (stress) for many years now and I have concluded some theories.

One of my theories is there are three kinds of people in life as it pertains to spirituality.


You are about to read something that may provoke anger or spark an offense in some people. It is my most humble opinion that if you feel negative emotions from what you are about to read, it most likely means that you disagree with what I have written, and it is okay to disagree. Just a friendly reminder, that is all. ~wink~

Pertaining to Levels of Spirituality.

1) The Enlightened:

They have calm, confidence, and a connection to God (life force). This person knows and lives what they believe life is about. This person feels safe, and secure, and rarely, if ever, experiences negative emotions, in any place, and at any time. 

These individuals are well-rounded and successful in that they feel happy, and joy nearly most of the time. These kinds of people are enlightened beings or teeter into enlightenment often. There is an eagerness, energy, excitement, and exhilaration about them that draws people to want to be with them. 

This certain individual knows their purpose, value, and worth, and spends much time learning about life, others, and themself. This type of person learns by lifting, listening, loving, and understanding. They do not believe in arguing, blaming, complaining, or criticizing. They will, however, encourage you with words of faith, and never discourage anyone with words of fear. 

They know the power of thoughts, and how they lead to beliefs therefore, have learned to govern beliefs towards the Divine through meditating on scripture.

They know the power of words, and more importantly, they know the power of their words, and never speak ill.

This is a rare, above-average enlightened person who knows that life is a cooperation with God. They know God is in charge therefore, they trust without fear. They love, knowing that God is love, and when they love, God abides in them.

Notice, that I didn't say a word about money. Ha! 

Money does not make a person above average or successful. Happiness, harmony, living meaningful purpose, and knowing your value and worth to the world and yourself is success, and money comes as a by-product of that success.

Mother Teresa was far from financial richness but because of her enlightened-ness, she could make a phone call and get anything she wanted because people loved everything about her, loved what she did, and loved to be near her.

2) The Average:

There is the average person in spirituality, who works hard, or not, and is loving or hating at any given moment depending on his or her mood at that very moment in time.

Loving is spiritual nature, and hate is human conditioning.

This type of person will love you if you are nice to them, and hate you if they think you are mean to them. This person will argue, blame, complain, criticize, discourage, dramatize, and gossip because they think it's normal, and that it's okay. 

The average person relies on outside influence to determine his or her mood, and may know intellectually that the self is responsible yet, is not taking direct responsibility for their energy, happiness, influence, joy, or moods. 

They are blaming life's circumstances for their happiness or unhappiness. 

Although the average person may attend church every Sunday, and/or some spiritual teaching regularly, they continue to live and practice living from a place of competition with others rather than cooperation with God. They just forget and may believe it impossible to ever rid of anger, anxiety, depression, irritability, or moodiness, reasoning that it's human, which it is.

3) The Misunderstood:

The below-average person in spirituality is always arguing, blaming, complaining, criticizing, discouraging, dramatizing, and gossiping. What I mean by always is although they may not do these things out loud, the voice in their head, aka thoughts, are always disagreeable. There is not one scripture that encourages disagreeable behaviors but there are over 200 scriptures in the New Testament alone, that are about faith, which is the opposite of the mentioned.

The misunderstood person is very often diagnosed with a disorder or syndrome of some sort, will tell you their diagnosis, and continue to explain that's why they are the way they are. This person has a deep belief that they have absolutely no control over their behavior, body, emotions, or thoughts, which is the ultimate in not believing in God or the self. This insecurity gives way to disbelief and sustains a lack of faith and trust. 

This level of spirituality most likely comes from an incident very devastating, or several incidents, that happened in the past, and quite possibly from upbringing.

This type of person is the most insecure and they rarely feel happy or safe. They are so focused on what is wrong they don't believe in happiness, although they have glimpses of happiness and rarely acknowledge them.

This type of person's insecurity is their crutch because insecure people have an extremely closed mind, unable to learn, often because it is more important to them to be right than find truth or any solution to misery.

Insecure individuals tend to equate being brilliant with being right. Confident people know to learn and living the truth is wisdom.

Insecure people find an illusory safety in being right about themselves, as though life is a competition, thinking, "I'm right about me, therefore, you are wrong, and when I'm right I have value and worth. I am better than you because I am right." Or, "If I am wrong I am not smart, therefore, I am right and you are wrong because I am smart."

I believe what they are really saying is, "It's not my fault!" Which is the real truth.

Insecurity is misunderstanding mostly because although the misunderstood will argue for their rightness, they do not believe in themselves whatsoever. 

Isn't that the biggest contradiction!?! 

Arguing for self-rightness and not believing in the self at the same time!?!

Where does all of this come from? 

Where does all of this insecurity come from?

I believe it comes from our human conditioning, and the decisions we make about these experiences.

Anyone can look at how they were treated by adults, especially their parents, and see the habitual beliefs they developed, and the decisions about these beliefs. 

If you are angry, anxious, or depressed, you can look at your past and discover where you learned these emotions.

We are born spiritual beings made of pure unconditional love, and we do not know negative emotions until they are taught to us through our human experiences.

The decisions we make about our experiences make us who we are and we can, and do decide by default or desire. Default means we give into our ways and desire means that we want to be something and we practice ourselves into being it.

I've seen the most amazing people become the most insecure, and the most insecure people become enlightened. This evidence gives me hope for everyone!

This evidence gives me more theories. ~wink~

People who get better somehow, some way discover they want happiness, joy, and vitality from life and pursue that. People who get bitter may have been devastated and wallowed in that devastation for a while. I have hope for them though because the devastation is not just given to or saved for anyone special. We all experience devastating things, and sooner or later we will overcome them, whether in this life or beyond.

I believe, without a doubt, from what I have seen in life thus far, that anyone can improve to the point of enlightenment, and that is what everyone wants out of life. 

That enlightenment of connecting to God through self-authority, power, value, and worth is what people are seeking from life. 

Enlightenment is living from a place of connecting to and knowing God. 

Everyone wants to know they have authority, power, purpose, value, and worth, which is basically confidence, safety, security, and wisdom. This way of being gives a person a sense of control, faith, and trust.

When a person has feelings of control, he or she has great power. The control I am talking about is self-control not control of circumstances and others. Self-control is the governing of one's beliefs, which creates faith or fear, which creates complete happiness or misery.

"because fear hath torment." ~1 John 4:18, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

When a person has a sense of faith and trust, he or she can ease the fear. 

When a person eliminates fear, he or she can live without anger, anxiety, depression, and/or despair.

Yes! A person can, and many do, eliminate fear, and live without anger, anxiety, depression, or despair. Some individuals find that statement inconceivable, I know, I was one of them.

I know, with all my heart and soul, faith can make anyone whole. It takes the enduring to the end kind of practice. Practice makes us better, and nearly perfect at what we practice.

That is my theory about people, spirituality, and wanting more from life.

That is one of my theories from my nearly fifty-five years of education, evidence, and experience here on this earth talking and walking more and more, day by day, with God.

That's all I got...

I believe, hope, and pray, that this has lifted you more towards your authority, and power to connect to God so that you may know your true value, and worth.

That is my purpose, to lift. 

That is everyone's purpose, to lift, and never lower another.

God bless you, my dear friend.

I love you and am ever here for you.

If you know me through my words, you know it's true.

Take good care...

Speak soon...

Elizabeth Stanfill

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