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Monday, December 7, 2015

Why Meditation?

Hello my lovely...

Why I meditate and why I want to teach the world to meditate are the topics I wanna ramble about this day.

How are you? The first week of December is gone in the United States, and people are busy, busy, busy for the holidays.

When people are busy, busy, busy they tend to get momentum of the hurry-up disease, which causes anxiety and the lack of awareness of their behavior, and others.

When I was a young single mother (still young, still single, and still a mother) I was always busy, and I had the hurry-up disease momentum. This hurry-up disease has no mercy on the soul. The habit of being in a hurry does not allow for time to think about others, or actions of the self much, because the focus is to hurry and get things done.

She who, let me tell you about my actions when I had the hurry-up disease. My most prevalent behaviors were anger, anxiety, competition, complaining, criticism, debt, depression, doubt, drama, exhaustion, fear, inappropriateness, insecurity, insomnia, irritability, judging others, meanness, moodiness, negativity, overeating, and worry. Just to name a few ~wink, wink~

All of these habits I mention above I call addictions because an addiction, in my mind, is something a person cannot quit. Individuals get so good at practicing a particular behavior they tend to live with a belief that they cannot quit it.

Practice makes perfect, whether they are thoughts, feelings, or actions!

So, why do I meditate? I have been meditating since 1999, and I have, I believe, eliminated much of the addictions I speak of. Most of all, I have eliminated anger, anxiety, debt, and depression.

If something even tries to annoy me within seconds I giggle because meditation has taught me that when I quiet my mind I realize that life is not as serious as I use to make it out to be.

Meditation is the quieting of the mind, which gives awareness to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the self.  This awareness allows one to recognize the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions and intentionally change them to more enlightening, inspiring, motivating, and positive thoughts, feelings and actions.

The quiet mind allows one to feel calm, confident, relaxed, and safe, which is the very opposite of anger, anxiety, and depression.

I have meditated for over fifteen years, and I know no one, personally, with more joy than me. I do not say that to brag, I say that to convince you of the fantastic joy meditation has brought me.

Now, this joy I speak of has brought me out of the depths of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and now I am the very opposite person of whom I was 25 years ago. That my friend, is the greatest thing.

So, why do I want to teach the world to meditate?

If you could imagine someone (possibly you) living in constant crisis, or even periodic crisis, discovering meditation, making it a practice, and then never knowing or even experiencing crisis again. If you could imagine it then you would know exactly why I want to teach the world to meditate.

I have talked thousands of people out of anxiety attacks, and the way I did it was to remain calm, and talk them through quieting their body, mind, and soul. Quieting others like that is something a person can do for themselves, on a regular basis, and through practicing meditation.

I have talked so many people out of suicide I have lost count, and the way I did it was to remain calm, and talk them through calming themselves, and bringing them to finding the faith they have in themselves, life, and others. Building faith like that comes from a meditative mind of relaxation and feeling secure.

It may sound like I am boasting, and I am but, I do not boast of myself, I boast about meditation.

All of that calming and faith from an expert is much more complicated than those few words used above but, I know no other way than meditation that creates the success of bringing people from crisis to calm and there is no way I could have ever done what I have done if it weren't for meditation.

I shall meditate until the end of my days because life just gets better and better.

I shall teach people to meditate until the end of my days because I see more and more success.

So... that, my friend is why I meditate and want to teach the world to meditate.

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I pray that I have inspired you to develop a calm, certain, and confident mind through meditation so that you may learn what secure safety feels like, and eliminate any anger, anxiety, depression, or the other negative addictive emotions I mentioned above.

Happy Holidays...

Merry Christmas...

Hug, hug, hug...

I love you...


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God bless you...