Monday, June 15, 2015


Three ways to destress right now is what I wanna blog about this day.

How are you my friend? Summer is here and I hope with all my heart and soul that you are alright and that you are able to enjoy this wonderful season. If you are not able to enjoy this time in your life you can use these three things, I am about to share with you, to destress right now.

To destress is to remove the strain and stress from your life, and the more you practice destressing, the better you will get at it.

Practice, practice, practice!

If you are really good at stressing out then you have had a lot of practice. It is time to practice destressing so that you can get really good at destressing yourself.

So here you go, the three ways to destress right now are:

1. Go For A Ten Minute Walk

This is a really great way to relieve your stress but there is more to it than walking away. The thing is, if you go for a walk and play in your mind over and over the thing that is stressing you out, then the walk is not good for minimizing stress.

Not only go for a walk but, take charge of your thoughts. The best thoughts to have right now are to visualize the best possible outcome instead of worrying about the worst.

That's right! Think of the best possible outcome that can, and will come to pass. If you are unable to think of the best outcome it could be that your ability to have faith is weak because your ability to live in fear is strong.

If thinking about the best outcome is too much to ask of yourself then just focus on your breath and/or heartbeat, quiet your mind, and remind yourself that you are safe, and no matter what happens you are going to be alright! It's the truth!

2. Release Your Stress

Take a slow deep breath in, filling your lungs to full capacity, and then as you exhale, through your mouth, imagine your stressful situation being exhaled out and taken away by the wind. Decreasing stress is really as simple as using our imagination.

Believe it or not, we use our imagination to get us into deep stress by the worry of the mind.

This is, by far, the most silliest exercise I have ever done but, the most successful in relieving my stress, and believe me, many years ago, I use to be one stressed out MaMa. This exercise is also the most helpful one to all of the individuals I have ever assisted with overcoming Critical Stress.

You can even do this deep breathing exercise while you go for a ten minute walk, combining two ways to destress right now into one.

3. Call Your BFF and Vent

Oh! Oh! Oh! This is brilliant but the key is to only allow yourself to vent for 10 to 15 minutes and then release it.

Let it go!

If you tell the stressful story over and over and over then you relive it, get momentum on your stressful situation, and then you are practicing to make your stress perfect.


Now, you could do all three ways to destress right now, all at once, by going for a ten minute walk, calling your BFF to vent, and then release that stuff.

There you go, and the only thing I would like to reiterate is practice, practice, practice and you will become perfect at destressing yourself right now.

The other day this 21 year young man asked me if I was nervous, because I was about to do something that would make normal people nervous (I'll have to share it in another post), and I told him I was not.

Then he was a little sarcastic and said to me, "Oh, you're not human? You're not normal? You have super powers?"

Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud so hard because he was nervous and he really thought that I should be.

My words to him were, "When you get to my lovely age of 50 you better learn to get over nervousness and stress or you'll have to live on anti-acids." It's funny but I truly believe that with all my heart and soul.

In fact, I know 21 year old people who live on anti-acids and stomach medications, and I also know they could eliminate that if they learned to manage their stress.

But do not believe me... See for yourself by practicing, practicing, and practicing even more.

Well, that's my ramble...

Love you so much...

Enjoy your day...

Big Fat Hugs...


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