Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Day After Thanksgiving...

Hello there my lovely friend...

How are you this beautiful Black Friday?  As you can see, I am at home, on my puter, and writing to you a little something about how to destress.  Actually, I have a present for you.

First and foremost, I want to ask your forgiveness.  Please, please, please forgive me for not posting.  It has been a very very busy three months.  Stress is seriously high this time of year and it starts in September.  Therefore, I get pretty busy.

There is no excuse, I agree.  I miss you all and I want to give you a gift.  My book, Stress Free: How to Destress Via Stress Test and Stress Relief, will be free on Amazon starting tomorrow, just for you.  The actual paperback will be regular price but you can download the ebook for free over the weekend.  You can download it on your computer, your ereader, or your phone, the only thing required is that you have the Amazon slash Kindle ebook reader app, which is free.

This book is full of very important information that you can use to destress immediately.  If you don't have it, and haven't read it, this is your chance to discover your particular stressful habits, and discover how to relieve them.

My Stress Free Book On How To Destress
 If you would like a free copy of my Stress Free Book, click the picture, and it will take you to the link.  If you miss this opportunity because you read this post too late, and you would like a copy of my book without paying full price, please email me before December 11, 2013, and I will set you up to get a free copy.  Okee doke?  Sound great?

Have a most amazing weekend, and enjoy your free copy of my Stress Free ebook.  If you really love the book, please give me a wonderful review on

Speak soon...

If you want a quick way to destress yourself, right now, read my latest post, How To Destress Yourself Quickly, for a good laugh.

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Love you, I really and truly do.