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Monday, May 13, 2013

Commitment To Destress

Making a commitment to destress is all about creating a life skill of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual strength.  When we destress our life, we create success.  One big part of success is the habit of making great decisions everyday.  One of the best decisions we can make for ourselves is to commit to our life, and to commit to our success.

If you are addicted, angry, anxious, depressed, or dissatisfied, you have stress.  If you have stress, it is nearly impossible to see your success.

If you are stressed out because you have stress at work, stress at home, stress in your relationships, stress with your health, stress due to emotional difficulty, stress over money, and/or any other stress, you can make a commitment to destress yourself.

Making a commitment to destress yourself is all about making great decisions.  Making great decisions is all about intentional choices.  When we make intentional decisions about our life, and our success, we are strong.  When we do not make intentional choices, we are making choices by habitual reactions, and this brings life stress by default.

Choosing what we will create for our life is a very powerful habit that can create explosive jumps in personal and professional achievement.  We choose what we will create by intentional decision making.

Lets begin the powerful habit of making intentional decisions by deciding to make a commitment to destress.  Decide, today, that you will make a commitment to destress, which is basically a decision towards your success.

1.  Decide to make a commitment to destress for at least 30 to 90 days.
2. Decide on at least one thing that you will make a commitment towards to destress your life.  In other words, choose a weakness and make it strong.  If you have addiction commit to overcoming it, if you have anger commit to replacing it with charity, if you have anxiety commit to calmness and relaxation, if you have depression commit to making it hope, or if you have low self-esteem commit to creating self-confidence.
3.  Decide on, and say an affirmation that will remind you to commit to your change.
4.  Decide to give five minutes in the morning, and five minutes in the evening to your commitment.
5.  Decide to breath, and say your affirmation all day, everyday, to remind you of, and hold you in the space of your commitment.
6.  Decide to make conscious and beneficial choices towards your success, every minute of every hour, of every day, and make it a habit.

In order to destress ourselves we must learn to manage our stress by taking care of ourselves, creating focus, and getting organized. But, what if we are so stressed out that we feel like we are unable to manage our stress by taking care of ourselves, creating focus, or getting organized? This is normal when we have a lot of stress.

One stress symptom is immobilization, due to feeling overwhelmed and that is why I suggest to make a commitment to destress ourselves.   How do we make a commitment to destress?  Well, destress means to discover and eliminate our stressful habits and it all begins with our thoughts.

Are you paying attention to your thinking? Do you think you cannot take care of yourself, create focus, or get organized? If we are thinking this way, then we are promoting our own stress. We can take care of ourselves, create focus, and get organized, and in order to begin, we ought to think we can.

Here is how we make a commitment, we start with deciding what we want and write it down. Do we want more money, a better relationship, better health, a better job, or just to be happier? Then we set goals and as many goals as we want. We can think of all the things we want and write them down. Next, we pick our top three goals or our top one goal, if we want. We then work on our goal(s) by making a list of all the things we can do to obtain our goals and prioritize them. Also, we can create an affirmation that we can say all the time, everyday, to remind ourselves what we want.

After we have an affirmation, we can make a list of all the things we can do today in order to obtain our goals and then do it. We can do one thing a day, even if it is to just look at our list of what we want. This will help keep our goals in the front of our mind and we will move forward, I guarantee it. But, we have to make a commitment to do this.

We can commit to do it everyday for 30 days or better yet, do it everyday for at least one year and I guarantee we will make explosive jumps in our personal and professional performance.

When we make this kind of a commitment we create a successful habit.

Summary of making a commitment to destress yourself.

1. Think that you can! Whatever it is YOU CAN!

2. Decide what you want and write it down.

3. Set some goals and write them down.

4. Pick your top one to three goals.

5. Work on your goals by making a list of all the things you need to do to accomplish your goals and prioritize.

6. Create an affirmation, say it all day long, as a reminder to always focus the goal(s).

7. Make a list of all the things that can be done today in order to work towards the goal(s).

8. Do at least one thing a day.

9. Make a commitment to work on your goals for at least 30 days, preferably 1 year.

Often times clients tell me they don't know what they want or where to begin. My suggestion, to you, if you don't know what you want, is to make your goal to discover what you want.

If you don't know where to begin, I suggest you Google it! You can Google anything and get free information.

Now, you may be asking, "how is setting goals going to destress me?" And the answer is, when we are stressed it is usually over something in our life that is not going right. If something in our life is not going right we must fix it.

When we set goals, we can set goals to fix any problem with a solution and make the solution our goal.

When we are working on a solution we feel better about ourselves because we create hope and faith.

Faith is the opposite of worry and worry is what creates our stress. Some Helpful Suggestions

1. Read what you have written, often, two to three times a day is very desirable.

2. Brain storm goals, to do's, and affirmations.

3. Google it!

Have a great day! Have a great week! I love you Sugah!


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