Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hello there.

Lately, I have received an unusual amount of emails posing questions about one's unhappiness with certain circumstances.  Similar words like loneliness, sadness, unhappiness, withdrawal, aloneness, lonesome, and solitude, have crossed my in box.  Although I have responded with words, I sense that it may not be enough.

Signs of the times are every where in the media, in the environment, and in the words out of peoples mouths.  Our society is down and primarily because of the economic situation.  People are unhappy with their work and yet do not take employment else where due to fear that there is no other available work.  People live where they do not want to live because they do not have a choice.  Families are fighting because things aren't as lucrative as they use to be.

I can go on and on and on about what is happening in our homes in America, not to mention in all the other countries that are struggling, as well.

What I would like to propose is a Telephone slash Mastermind Course that would allow a small group of people to discuss stressful habits that are invading their lives and discover successful practices with the aid of a support group.

This is bloody brilliant because it would allow the group to lift each other in faith and encouragement, which is the opposite of what society is currently doing.  Also, it provides like minded thinkers to meet together while in the comfort of their home.  Finally, we are at the edge of the end of the year, which means pre New Years.  What better way to start the New Year than with a Success Series that will allow you to develop goals and new successful habits?   

The class will be on a month by month basis, once a week, and individuals will be placed in groups based on similar thoughts, feelings, situations, and time availability.

When I say month by month, I am offering the possibility to continue as long as the desire is there.

These groups will be conducted by me, there will be specific ground rules (encouraging a positive, enlightening, supportive, and accountable atmosphere), there will be small exercises and tasks to help the discovery process, and the group will meet via conference call the same time, same day, once a week, for approximately one to one and a half hours long.

I have conducted, and participated, in these types of groups, in person and on the phone, for many years.  They are very successful in the arena of destressing yourself.

If you are interested in participating in something like this please email me,  In your email include any questions, comments, concerns, and the best day and time for you to participate.  There will be a very small fee but if that is a concern please do not let it hold you back, rather, email me your concern and we will work something out.

No one understands, more than me, how personal stress is, and how private your problems and circumstances are.  My in box is inundated with personal situations every day.  Most Bloggers get tons of comments, I get tons of emails, and I understand that peoples' problems are personal.  Because of that, these calls will be entirely solution focused with volunteered information only.  It is not necessary that anyone provide personal information.

This series is for you.  This series is to help you move forward with success, happiness, energy, and vitality for life. 

Please email me as soon as you can, preferably before November 23, 2011, to give me the opportunity to start working on this lovely project.

If you would rather not participate in a group email me,, and we can set you up with an email course. 


For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. ~ Mathew 18:20


Have a great weekend!