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Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello there.  How are you?  How was your weekend?

Mine was great!

Today, I want to ramble about faith and spirituality.  One of the most important things, while we are on earth, is  living with faith and spirituality.  The reason I say that is because we either live with faith or fear, and spirituality has everything to do with faith.

Galatians 5:22
But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith 


One thing I notice is that many people I speak to, who are stressed out, seem to be missing two primary things.  These two things are strong, concrete faith and spirituality.

When I say that people are missing faith and spirituality, I don't mean they don't have it, I mean that they are not in the middle of it.  When I talk about my relationship with God, I talk about an every minute, of every hour, and every hour, of every day deep down in my soul faith.  When people have high levels of stress, they have doubt, fear, and worry, which means they forget to, or haven't learned yet how to, practice their faith, in this very minute.

There is a couple who lost their son and they came to me out of desperation because they were having a hard time dealing with it.  They were unable to function and they needed to return to work.  They were not sleeping, they were on edge, and they were just unable to carry on everyday living which is, under these circumstances, totally normal, wouldn't you agree?

Now, after several months, they are back to functioning, still grieving, but functioning.  They say they are much better now.  What did they do?  They returned to their faith.  I say returned because they were not going to church.  Their choice was to go back to church, start reading the scriptures together, and praying together every morning and every night.

They returned to practicing faith and spirituality.

When a couple looses a child it is very disturbing and the agony of the pain can become so overwhelming that it can make or break a relationship.

This couple has become closer with support for each other and by lifting each other in faith and spirituality. 

There are so many stories that I can tell of people who are devastated and desperate in their stress, and within an hour of talking to them about it (aka speaking the words of faith aka destressing yourself) they can go from crisis to calm.

If you are having a hard time with life and/or your specific circumstances, I challenge you to search for your faith and your spirituality.

If you do this, I promise you, you will improve your thoughts, feelings, and actions, not to mention the direction you move in.

If you are having a hard time please contemplate this, "How can I increase my faith and spirituality?"

It will work for you, I KNOW THAT THIS IS SO!  And some how, I know you know it too.

My friend, I hope you have the greatest week ever, you deserve it, I know you do.


Don't forget!  Have fun!  Be playful!


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