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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Do you believe it???

Do you believe you are love???

I believe it!!!

Think about it, when you were born, you were this cuddly little baby full of love, from God, and then, our parents, teachers, and society, showed us how to be 'not love'.

What I mean is, when we were born, we were all love, all of the time.  What we are now is love when we believe we are and not love when we believe we are not.

Love is the highest energy level anyone could ever have.  For example, when you fall in love, do you not feel energy and happiness?

I love love!  And I feel love all of the time, well most of the time.  I feel love as frequently as possible because I know how good it makes me feel, and I believe that I am love.

What if you were to believe that you were love and that you could feel love any time you wanted to?

Wouldn't you feel really good all the time?  Wouldn't you have lots of energy?

My son is 25 years old and I recently renamed him Agape.  Agape is a Greek word for LOVE but not just LOVE, but the highest LOVE, the LOVE from GOD.  This might sound crazy to you but it is fun and I love it.  I don't call him by his old name, the name he was given at birth, funny huh?  It's funny and it's playful, and it's full of love.

The reason I did this is because he, my son, loves unconditionally.  He does not put conditions on how and when he loves me.  He just loves me all of the time.

Do you put conditions on how and when you love someone?

Do you put conditions on how and when you love YOU?

YOU ARE LOVE!!!  Ponder that for a day or two, really!

I know, I know, I am rambling about love but I think you should do it.  I think you should ponder, for a day or two, how you are love and how you can be love. 

Have an open mind, and just try it.  If you are stressed, you can spend a day or two pondering how you are love and I promise you that you will destress yourself.

Let me know how it goes, email me.  I love hearing from you.

That's all the rambling I have today ;)


Have a great day and don't forget...

Have fun and be playful.


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