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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Simple Stress Test By My Friend Kumar

My friend Kumar has received his PhD in Psychology and I wanted to congratulate him. 


Here is a Simple Stress Test from his website

Simple stress test

See the four squares yellow, green, red, and blue. Whether you are using or loosing our life energy?. You can check it now. 

Passive – waiting for something to happen (chance)
Active – make something to happen (choice)
Confused – obstacle or lack of clear plan or goal (confuse)
Withdraw – give up, avoidance (cut down)

And characteristics which one you belong. 

Confusion – red
Chance – yellow
Choice - green

The colour yellow, green, and red represent the traffic signal

You can stay temporarily if you are in yellow,
You can go if you are in 
green because you have learn to use your stress
You must stop if you are in 
red. You have to check your goal, value, believes, attitude… it is necessary to correct yourself before you proceed.
If you are in 
blue you may need assistance, help, advice from others