Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Bad bosses and ineffective managers are EVERYWHERE!!!

The worst kind of boss, that anyone has to deal with, is the kind that doesn't respect or trust you and the kind that tries to intimidate you.  Sound familiar?  Picky and petty are the words that come to my mind.

So, what in the heck can we do if we are dealing with an untrained and incompetent superior? 

Excellent question!  The first thing you can do is get your resume ready so that you can move up and on. 

I've seen the bad boss cause many, many people stress and for some reason most people are not willing to move up and on.  My theory behind this is that the person who does not move on does not believe in themselves.  They do not believe that they can get a better paying job in a better company.  Well, guess what?  You can get a better paying job in a better company, and matter of fact, anyone can.  I know this for a fact because I have seen the most stressed out person do it, right before my BIG HAZEL EYES!

Okay, so you want to move up and on, you are making it a goal, and you are working on it diligently.  What do you do in the mean time because you still have to deal with this obsessive, weak, micro-manager (LOL!!!).

Here are some tips...

Numero Uno...  Communication is key.  One of the best ways to communicate is to write out all of your concerns.  When you make a list, look it over, and decide if you are being petty or if you have justifiable concerns.  When you have the list of appropriate concerns, practice what you will say and, in a professional manner, without getting frustrated begin communicating.  Believe it or not, many do not even try this step because of fear.  In addition, this step works, quite frequently.  You may have to take this step over and over again.  It's kind of like training the untrained and if you can improve your relationship, you have created a win-win situation.

Numero Two...  Try anonymous letters with articles and education on how to be a better boss.  Oh my gosh!!!  This is an incredible tool if you get good articles because the education can actually provide training to the inexperienced.  That's all it is you know?  Inexperience!  Lack of education!  Lack of training!  This solution saves face with the boss because it is not discussed or awkward,  and saves your bootaye because he/she does not know it is you and cannot get angry, at YOU.  If it works, keep the articles a coming.

Three...  You can try an anonymous letter to the bad bosses boss indicating all of the unprofessional and disgraceful behavior.  If the Big Boss cares, he/she will address it.  If it works, just keep the letters a coming.

Fianlly...  You can learn to to brush your shoulders off.  What I mean by this is, just be agreeable, and get over it.  Sounds a lot easier said than done.  This solution can really burn you out by making you apathetic and indifferent and guess what my friend?  It is unpleasant to be around a person that is uncaring and unresponsive, I know quite a few.  Although, there is a way to learn to destress yourself in such a way that you become so easy going and happy with your life, that you can make your environment very pleasant no matter where you are or who you are with (keep reading my blog to learn how O.O).

That's all I got...  I am writing this post because I have talked to SOOO many people who are dissatisfied with their boss, at this very moment, and I think this subject is very very important.

Have you ever had to cope with an unpleasant boss?  Let us know how you did it by commenting on this post.

Have a great day, until next post...  don't forget to have fun and be playful!


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