Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Setting Goals To Destress Yourself

Last Saturday, January 2, 2009, we had our Setting Goals To Destress Yourself teleclass and it was a blast!

That was the first teleclass I have hosted in a long time and I forgot how fun they are.  My favorite part is all of the emails after the class.  I love the way people freely email me with questions or comments.  Often times I get a disagreement or two and that promotes excellent discussions.

The teleclass included dialogue about stress (as usual), stressful habits vs. successful habits, success and happiness, and setting goals to destress yourself.  There was exploration about possible fears and self-defeating thoughts.  We did an exercise that established stressful habits, fears, self-defeating thoughts, and turned them into self-winning thoughts.  And with the new self-winning thoughts, we turned them into affirmations.

Affirmations are just reminders and I always encourage folks to create and say affirmations.  I do this because it helps us remember to follow through with our goals.  The affirmations are the self-winning thoughts that are ultimately our goals to Destress.

At the end of the class I shared a self-assessment of six different categories that play a huge role, in our lives,  with stress relief. 

I just love this stuff! 

The class is available now, in our store, or you can find it by following this link.  Although the actual teleclass is free, there is a small fee of $6.96 for the audio.

Please join us for our next teleclass, Destress Your Attitude, on Saturday, January 16, 2009.  No need to sign up for this, you can get all of the info here.  And if you would like an email reminder, you may want to sign up for our free weekly newsletter, on our home page, here.     

Have a great day, week, and year.

Until next post, don't forget to have fun and be playful!!!