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Friday, November 6, 2009

Being In This Moment


Here is another Pithy Post List for you ;-) 

What does it mean to be in this moment? 

1. To focus on the here and now. 

2. To focus on the place you are at. 

3. To focus on the person you are with. 

4. To not think of things you have to do. 

5. To not think of what happened yesterday. 

6. To not think of anything. 

What are the benefits of being in this moment? 

1. We take responsibility for our life by taking responsibility of our mind. 

2. We quiet our mind. 

3. We enjoy the moment. 

4. We can feel gratitude

5. We can feel faith. 

6. We will have fun. 

7. We Release Worry

8. We intentionally choose our thoughts. 

9. We intentionally choose our feelings. 

10. We intentionally choose our actions. 

11. We become focused

12. We become organized. 

13. We become productive. 

How can we be in this moment? 

1. We recognize we can. 

2. We practice meditation so that we may know how to quiet our mind. 

3. We practice being right here and right now enjoying this moment and the person you are with. 

4. We practice looking for the good in this moment. 

5. We practice feelings of faith, confidence, certainty, and hope. 

6. We practice having fun and being playful. 

7. We practice focusing on this moment. 

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Have a wonderful week and you guessed it...

Have fun and be playful it's in your nature.