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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


There are many things we can do that fall under the category of Basic Stress Management. We know that we can eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest, and eliminate addictive habits like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and drugs. These behaviors will create energy and it takes energy to manage stress.

So what do we know about Advanced Stress Management?

Advanced Stress Management is evolving our stressful habits into successful practices by evolving the mind. In order to evolve our mind we must take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Frequently we live our lives while our thoughts are on autopilot. When our mind is on autopilot we are not necessarily thinking but reacting from our habits. We get up in the morning, without intention, get ready for the day, go to work or school, get home, watch TV, go to bed, and then we do it all over again.

In order to evolve our mind we must remove ourselves and our thoughts from autopilot and take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions by living with intention. We can start our day with intention, live our day with intention, and end our day with intention. How do we live with intention? One way is we can take our worries and turn them into faith.

For example, we may be worried about not having enough money. When we worry about not having enough money we may feel doubt and fear about our situation. When we feel doubt and fear we start to make decisions based on this doubt and fear. Some decisions may be to cut back on our expenses and luxuries.

When we evolve our mind we take responsibility for our thoughts, become aware of our worry, and then focus on a what we want. We focus on a solution, move towards that solution, and that will create faith.

For example, when we are worried about not having enough money, the opposite would be having more than enough money. This goal of having more than enough money is our intention. We wake up in the morning with intention, asking ourselves, "how can I make more money?" We go through our day thinking, "What can I do today, right now to make more money?" And then we go to sleep with intention by thinking about what we would like to do to make more money. When we think like this we feel desire and make decisions based on the feelings of desire. Some decisions may be to start a business or look for a better job or career.

This behavior is taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We take responsibility for our thoughts by taking them off the autopilot and habit of worry and focus them on goals. We take responsibility for our feelings by removing the doubt and fear and replacing it with intention, expectation, and hope. And finally, we take responsibility for our actions because we take action towards our goals versus taking action in the direction of our troubles. This behavior creates faith, the opposite of worry.

Advanced Stress Management is truly evolving the mind by taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions and creating desire, faith, and confidence by becoming aware of and eliminating thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry.

If you are a worrier evolving the mind might take some serious dedication. But, when we become accountable for our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we truly become experts on managing our stress. If you are having a hard time with your stress and need help, you can learn how to destress yourself with our downloadable audio class. This class will show you a step by step process on how to discover the stressful habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, how to discover and set the goals that you really want, and create successful practices that will create explosive jumps in your life.

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