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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Destress Yourself: Taking Responsibility for Your Life

"Taking Responsibility for Your Life," means taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitude. When we take responsibility for our thoughts we think with intention. When we think with intention we have a purpose. The purpose may be anything from just feeling better day to day to setting and obtaining the magnificent goal of living the life of our dreams.

When we think with intention and purpose we think of more positive things. When we think more positively we feel confident. When we feel confident our actions are constructive. When our actions are constructive, our attitude is full of certainty and hope, which is the opposite of worry. Worry is a culprit of stress. Therefore, taking responsibility for our life starts with taking responsibility for our thoughts.

The first step, to taking responsibility, is to set a specific goal, big or small. A specific goal is deciding what we want and the date that we want it by. For example, maybe we would like to make $50,000 extra income by October 31, 2010 or maybe we would like to find our soul mate by September 30, 2010.

If we don't know what it is that we want then our goal is to discover what that is! Maybe we have a problem at work, at home, or in our relationship and if this is so, then our goal is to discover a solution. If we have a solution, then that becomes our goal. If you have difficulty discovering what you want, our How to Destress Yourself Downloadable Audio Course can help.

The second step is to write the specific goal down. Write your goal down and read it everyday, several times a day. This particular task helps us with focusing our mind on our goal.
The third step is to decide one, two, or three actions that can be taken towards the goal. Do this once a day or once a week, what ever you have time for in your life.
Finally, we must set some rules and tasks for ourselves on obtaining our goal. Making a list of all the rules that we will follow, things that will work for us and help us accomplish our goal will help with productivity.

Make this simple, and don't stress over it, because all of this will work out perfect as long as we move along week by week by taking responsibility for our lives.
If you need help taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitude, may I suggest that you visit our store and look for the Destress Yourself course. This class is a step by step process that supports in discovering what is holding one back in life and promotes awareness of aspirations, desires and goals in life.

Let us embark on our journey of changing the stressful habit of being in the constant state of going nowhere to creating a successful practice of taking responsibility for our life.
Have a great week and don't forget to have fun and be playful; it is in your nature.