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Friday, September 2, 2016

Three Easy Ways to Destress Yourself

Beginner's Meditation Audio
Three easy ways to destress yourself is what I'd like to discuss this day.

Hello, hello, hello! Happy Friday! How are you today? Are you stressed? If you are, then this post is for you...

Did you know that stress is from fear? 

Did you know fear is a mindset?

Many people believe that they must live in fear, and the only thing that does is mimic the stress response. You know the fight or flight response that activates adrenaline? The response that increases the heart rate, the blood pressure, and the blood flow. This response is very helpful when someone is trying to kill you but very toxic to the body especially if activated all the time.

Did you know that fear causes anxiety? Anxiety is super stress. Have you ever had an anxiety attack? That attack is from a mindset of fear about the future.

Are you living your fears or are you living your dreams?

Don't you want to live your dreams? 

Some people tell me they have no idea what their dreams are but I bet you that those who don't know just want to be happy. We believe if we live our dreams we will be happy, so whether we know our dream or not doesn't it make sense that the dream is really to be happy?

If a person is not happy, and he or she wants to be happy, one must destress their life first, right?

Really quick, and really easy, there are three ways to destress your life, and here they are.

First is practicing meditation because meditation quiets the racing fearful mind.

Second is practicing relaxation because relaxation is the opposite of stressing out.

Third is practicing the use of one's imagination because the imagination is the faculty that governs our mind. We use our imagination anyway, we might as well use it intentionally.

These three ways to destress are so very easy that you can do them anytime and anywhere, and you can even sit down while doing them. 

Practice these ways to destress at least once a day, and you will get really good at destressing yourself. Remember! Practice makes nearly perfect.

If anyone were to implement these three ways to destress, they would certainly replace anxiety, fear, and stress.

These ideas that I am presenting are very simple, and you are totally worth it. You are worthy of living a stress free life.

It is absolutely possible to live stress free. 

Well, I pray you have a lovely day, week, month, and rest of the year.

I am so very grateful for you... 

And... I love you.


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